How do I get started?

Before you can purchase an AMEB Online course, you need to complete the free registration by clicking ‘Register' in the left menu. Complete the fields with your details and create a username or password for yourself. Once you have completed your registration, login to the Course website using your newly created username and password and click ‘Purchase courses' in the left menu.

For more information on registering, see the ‘How to register' tutorial video.

Does it cost money to register?

No. Registration is free.

What is an ‘adult learner’ account?

If you are an adult (18 years or older) and would like to purchase a course for yourself to complete, please select ‘adult learner' as the account type during registration. If you want to assign yourself to a teacher, you can do so when you are logged in. Once you have been assigned to a teacher, you can message your teacher and your teacher can assign you homework.

What is a ‘teacher’ account?

If you are a teacher and have students completing the AMEB Online courses, select ‘teacher' during the free registration. Your teacher account will allow you to purchase courses, monitor your students' progress through the lessons and test results as well as create classes and assign homework to your students and classes. If you no longer want to have a teacher account, you can change your account to a parent account by selecting ‘edit details' from the ‘Account' menu.

What is a ‘parent’ account?

If you are a parent and have children completing the AMEB Online courses, select ‘parent' during the free registration. Your parent account will allow you to purchase courses for your children, monitor your children's progress through the lessons, view their test results and assign your children to their teacher, if they have an account. If you want to change your account from a parent to a teacher, select ‘Account' from the top menu and click ‘edit details.' You can change your account type at any time.

Do I need to provide my teacher or candidate number?

No. This information is only needed if you are sitting an AMEB Online exam at

Do I need to authorise the course before the student begins?

No. The student can complete the course once you have purchased it. They are not required to be supervised to complete the course.

If I already have an account for online exams, can I use this to login to the course website?

You will need to register to use the course website, even if you are already registered with the exam website. You are welcome to use the same username and password as you did for the exam site providing it is available.

I want to buy Grade 1 and Grade 2 for my student. I received two different logins for my student, which one do they use?

If you purchase two different courses for your student (at the same time or at different times), they will be issued a username and password for each course. For example, if the student has both Grade 1 and Grade 2, they will have two separate logins, one to login to complete Grade 1 and a different login to access Grade 2.

How can I change my password?

Login and select ‘Accounts' on the top menu and click ‘new password.' If you want to change the password for a student, select the student from the ‘class' or ‘student' option in the left menu and click ‘password.'


What are the minimum requirements for my computer to run AMEB courses?

To run AMEB Online courses you will need a Microsoft Windows PC (XP or higher) or a Mac with a modern web browser and the shockwave plugin. Most modern web browsers will install the plugin automatically when you begin your first practice examination. If the plugin does not install automatically you can easily install it manually. If you are using a school, government or corporate computer you may need to ask your IT support person to help install the plugin.

Do I need a broadband internet connection?

No. Online Courses will work best with a broadband internet connection but will also work with dial up. The initial download time will be longer with dial up but the course will still run. If your internet cuts out while you are completing a lesson or test, simply log back in to the course site and continue where you left off.

What web browser do I need to run the courses?

On Microsoft Windows, the courses work with Internet Explorer 7 or better, Firefox or Google Chrome. On Mac computers the courses run best in Safari and Firefox. Always make sure that your computer and browser are fully updated.

How do I get technical support?

If you need help using the AMEB Online courses, login to the site and click ‘Technical Support' from the top menu and select ‘New support ticket.' This support request will then be sent to the AMEB. If you want to review a previous support request you can select ‘Review support tickets.'

I’m getting a ‘missing plugin’ error. What’s this?

This error means that you need to download the free software Adobe Shockwave Player on your computer. Visit and click ‘Shockwave Player.' The free software will then install on your computer. Once installation is complete, relaunch the courses.

When I click the lesson/test I want, nothing happens.

Please ensure that pop-ups are not blocked on the internet browser you are using. This can be checked by going into the preferences area of your internet browser and ensuring that ‘block pop-ups' is not selected. If you are using a work or school computer you may want to talk with your IT department before changing these preferences.

What if my computer/internet shuts off while I’m working through a lesson/test?

Not to worry! Simply relaunch the lesson or test you were working on. If you were working through a test you will need to restart it, your previous work will be lost unless you were able to click ‘submit' before the computer or internet connection was lost.


What are the benefits of AMEB Online courses?

  • Learn at your own pace, independently or in the classroom
  • Lessons and tests prepare students for AMEB written exams
  • Teachers can assign homework, monitor and message students
  • Students may progress through the material in any order
  • Students may complete the lessons and tests as many times as they like through the 12-month life of the course

Can I change the type of account I have?

Yes you can change your account type at any time. Simply login, select ‘Account' from the top menu and click ‘edit details.' Select the type of account you would like then click ‘update.' Your account will then change. If your account does not change, simply log out and log back in and the account change will be visible.

Will the student receive a certificate?

Certificates are not issued at the completion of the AMEB's Online courses. Once a student has completed an online course, they can go to and sit an AMEB Online exam in the subject they have studied. If they pass this exam they will be issued a certificate from their local AMEB State Office.

Can I see the student’s test results?

Yes. Students, parents and teachers can all view a student's test results. Simply select the student, then the test number and click ‘view results.' A new window will open that will allow you to view the student's answers and their mark. Students can take the tests multiple times and the results for each time they take the test can be viewed. If the student has not yet taken the test, no results will appear.

I don’t know how to draw slurs, draw notes, create triplets or complete other tasks required in the course tests.

We've created several tutorial videos that explain exactly how to complete tasks such as drawing notes, beaming notes, creating triplets and creating slurs. Click ‘tutorials' in the left menu and click the title of the video that you would like to watch. If the video does not load, please visit and ensure that you have Adobe Flash Player downloaded on your computer.

Do I have to complete the course in a certain order?

No. The courses are designed so that you can complete them in any order at your own pace. You do not have to complete all tests or lessons and you can review lessons as tests as many times as you would like in the 12-month life of the course.

Who can I message? How does messaging work?

Students and teachers can communicate via the messaging system in the AMEB Online course site. Teachers can only message their students and students can only message their teachers. This function is not available to parent accounts. You will be notified by email that you have received a message if you have provided an email address. A red number will also appear next to the word ‘inbox' on the left menu showing you how many unread messages are in your inbox.

For more information on messaging, please watch the tutorial video ‘How to send and receive messages.'

Does a supervisor have to be present while the student completes the course?

No. Some young children may need assistance with reading the material. Otherwise courses can be completed independently and at any time within the 12 months after purchase.

Will more grades/more subjects be available?

Yes. Grade 3 Theory is currently in development and we hope to offer other theoretical subjects in the future. Have suggestions? Let us know by clicking ‘Email AMEB.' We'd love to hear from you.

After I complete this course will I be ready to sit the exam?

Yes. Our courses cover the material presented in the AMEB theoretical syllabuses and prepare students to successfully complete the AMEB theoretical exams.

As a parent, how do I assign a teacher to my child?

Login to your parent account using the username and password you created when you registered (*not your child's login*). Select 'students' from the left menu and click 'reassign.' You will then be asked to put in the teacher's username. You will need to ask the teacher for his/her username in order to assign your child to a teacher. Once the child is assigned to a teacher, the teacher can monitor the student's progress, message the student and assign the student homework.


How can I pay for an AMEB Online course?

Payments are processed through the ANZ Egate secure payment system. The Egate system accepts major credit cards with the exception of American Express and Paypal. All payment is done through ANZ and the AMEB does not have access to any user's personal or financial details.

Can I buy multiple courses at one time?

Yes. When you click ‘Purchase courses' you can enter the number of courses in each grade that you would like to purchase.

Can I buy an exam and a course at the same time?

No. These must be done separately. For courses, go to (this website) and for exams, go to

I bought my course at a music store. Do I need to register?

Yes, you need to register for the site. Once you have registered, click ‘login' and once you are logged in click ‘purchase courses' in the left menu. At the bottom of that page you can enter the Course code contained inside your product. You do not need to fill out the form at the top of that page.

What is a course code?

A course code is a unique code that corresponds to a course that was purchased in a music store. You do not need to enter a course code if you have not already purchased a course at a music store. Simply fill out the table at the top of the ‘purchase courses' page.

I purchased the wrong course, can I change it?

Yes. To do this submit a technical support request or email the AMEB.

How much do the courses cost?

Grade 1 course costs $69.95 and Grade 2 course costs $79.95. These courses last 12 months. Courses can also be purchased at your local music retailer.




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